At a Glance

Agung Podomoro Group was established in 1969 by the late Anton Haliman. Under his helm, the Group commenced its business operation with the construction of a housing complex in Simprug area, South Jakarta, completed in 1973. In the
same year, the Group pioneered the real-estate concept with a project in Sunter area, North Jakarta. In line with the company’s vision to keep climbing higher as an integrated property developer, the concept allowed the Group to build a housing complex with comprehensive facilities that serve its residents, such as school, recreation center, places of worship, hospital and markets.
Further into its development, Agung Podomoro began to expand its scope of business by taking several companies under its wing, and the Group’s property business has ever since encompassed housing complexes, warehouses and industrial
estates. In 1986, the company’s leadership was handed over to Trihatma Kusuma Haliman as the successor. In taking the leadership role, Trihatma made a new move by taking over PT. Indofica Housing that controlled the land in Sunter
area. With Trihatma at the helm, PT. Indofica Housing successfully expanded its 17-ha area into 500 hectares, turning Sunter into one of the elite and exclusive areas in North Jakarta. The project also became one of the Group’s most remarkable real estate achievements in Jakarta.


At a time when many businesses were crippled by the 1997 economic downturn, Agung Podomoro managed to come through thanks to a number of life-saving, strategic measures taken by the Group’s top management, such as the crucial decision to pay most of the debt early in 1997, overriding currency devaluation and introducing a tight money policy.

Trihatma’s previous triumph over adversities in the 1974 Pertamina crisis also had a hand in giving the Group its confidence and the right attitude to deal with such a predicament. Agung Podomoro saw the 1997 crisis as both a challenge and a golden opportunity. The Group’s solid business acumen is what enabled Agung Podomoro to see the huge market potentials, such as the demand for residences in the vicinity of the downtown area. The Group’s first moves in response to the demand were making the land purchase from IBRA (Indonesian Banking Restructuring Agency) and bidding at auctions which offered properties belonging to developers that were hit hard by the crisis.

As Agung Podomoro continued to climb higher in the industry, the Group in 1995 started to utilize limited land availability in Jakarta with the construction of vertical developments. The building of the Menteng Executive Apartment, for instance, marked a breakthrough in Indonesia’s real estate industry. It was the beginning that Agung Podomoro set the vertical living trend, paving the way for a new cosmopolitan life style in Indonesia’s capital city.

Following the Menteng’s success, Agung Podomoro in 2000 began to focus on the construction of apartments. Up until 2006, the Group has completed 16 apartments, 14 residential areas and 12 commercial mixed-used developments. ISO 9001 certifications for the Menteng Executive Apartment and Bukit Gading Mediterania in Kelapa Gading area respectively are the testimony of Agung Podomoro’s professional management capability and commitment towards the Group’s stakeholders.