Wise Investment in the New Normal Era

Wise Investment in the New Normal Era

May 4, 2021

Without realizing it, the first quarter of 2021 has almost passed, meaning that in the 12 months or so, most of us have implemented social distancing and shifted almost all outdoor activities to activities from home. Since the pandemic hit, many things have changed and these changes are now considered as new habits, or often referred to as the new normal. This pandemic has taught us that almost nothing is certain or absolute. Routines that we have been running for months, years, or even decades can change in a blink of an eye.

If we look at and try to take positives from this pandemic, then we actually save a considerable amount of money. The budget for a vacation automatically goes unused, because many countries close their borders by not accepting visitors or tourists from other countries. Also, the funds that we usually spend on socializing or events with friends or extended family are almost unused. This surplus can be utilized by investing.

Given the conditions that can change at any time and the pandemic has yet to see an end, we must be wise in investing our money. Please make sure that funds that are invested are funds that are completely "idle", never invest funds that are already allocated for daily needs and emergencies. It is also advised to choose long-term investments over short-term ones, simply for the fact long-term investments are more stable and the risk is relatively low. One of the most promising long-term investments is property. This is supported by a recent survey by Indonesia Property Watch which found that during the pandemic most people were still interested in buying property as an investment.

Property has always been a superior option for long-term investing. During this pandemic, many developers give promotions, in addition to a slight decline in prices, potential buyers are also given many conveniences and attractive offers. For example, the Agung Podomoro Land offers a unit ownership program for the Tribeca condominium in Podomoro City Deli Medan with a special discount for people who pay soft cash, which can be paid in six instalments. Although currently, prices tend to decline, keep in mind that investing in property is a long-term investment, where property prices will certainly increase. Properties can usually be used right away. However, if it is intended for investment, then the property can be rented out and become a source of passive income.

The amount of money needed for property investment is significantly bigger than other investments, so before deciding to buy a property, pay extra attention to the location and facilities. A great example of a project with a very prime location is Grand Madison, which is still part of the Podomoro City superblock in West Jakarta. Grand Madison is directly connected to Central Park Mall and equipped with smart home system facilities as well as easy accessibility to anywhere.

The reputation of the developer is also a determining factor in a property. Agung Podomoro Land has been around for more than 40 years and is one of the most trusted property developers in Indonesia. Through hundreds of projects spread across the country, Agung Podomoro Land ensures that every project will develop into a great investment with promising returns.