When is the Right Time to Invest? Find the Answer Here

When is the Right Time to Invest? Find the Answer Here

October 24, 2022

When is the Right Time to Invest? Find the Answer Here 1

There is a saying that says, “There is no time like the present.” This phrase is a reminder that the best time to do something is right now, because there may be thousands of unforeseen circumstances that could arise and could disturb you in the future. If you procrastinate, things you hope for may end up falling apart, or you may not get the maximum benefit that you should be getting. This expression is very appropriate for various conditions, especially in investing, particularly when investing in the property sector.


We all know that the human population continues to grow, while land area does not increase and is even more limited. This causes the space for housing to become increasingly narrow and more valuable. With the scarcity factor of space, consequently, the demand for land and property will be higher than the supply. Therefore, buying property is a great choice to meet the needs for housing or develop value for money.


Then, when is the right time to buy and invest in property? For optimum profit, you can buy property when the price is low because later the price will rise again. You also buy property when market conditions are improving. This can be seen, among others, from the high demand for rent, strengthening stocks, and rising property prices. Recently, we can see growth for the property sector, but prices have not soared. Currently, we are experiencing a recovery in this market condition, so it is the right time to immediately own property.


As stated earlier, the best time is now, and procrastination can be detrimental. The longer you delay buying property, the less optimal the benefits you will achieve. Property prices will move up, and the movement of the property has a faster speed than the income we can get, either fixed income or income from other jobs. So, the longer you delay, the more difficult it will be to own property. For example, let's look back by 20 years. People at that time might be able to buy a house with a larger size. Now, if we look closely, the size of the house is getting smaller, to keep up with the prices that property buyers can afford. So that means, the sooner you decide, the better.


In order to maximize our investment value, property investment must also be carried out with trusted partners. Agung Podomoro Land is a leading, integrated, and trusted property developer that has been building for more than five decades in Indonesia. Not only building and designing properties with large volumes and wide coverage in various areas in the country, Agung Podomoro Land is also committed to creating green and environmentally friendly building designs with memorable designs. In the midst of Indonesia's economic recovery, Agung Podomoro Land supports the Indonesian people to invest in the property sector because it provides many advantages. Property as an investment has a double advantage, namely capital gains and yields. Capital gain is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price, which will be a profit for investors.


Which Agung Podomoro Land property projects you can choose? This integrated property developer has several flagship projects in several parts of Indonesia that can be yours. On the island of Sumatra, Podomoro City Deli Medan is the largest and most prestigious superblock in Medan City. Here, there are offices, shopping centers, and residential products for condominiums and apartments that are ready for occupancy. While in the capital city of Jakarta, Agung Podomoro Land presents Bukit Podomoro Jakarta, a sanctuary space for urbanites who want to find tranquility in the middle of the capital. Whereas in Kalimantan Island, Borneo Bay City Balikpapan is Agung Podomoro Land's top project here, which is a residential complex with a superblock concept in the capital of East Kalimantan. There are many more residential and commercial projects from this trusted property developer, which you can check at https://www.agungpodomoro.com/group/id/.


“Never leave that until tomorrow which you can do today.” Benjamin Franklin, one of the United States' founding fathers, who is also the inventor, put forward this sentence. Procrastination is a human weakness, but he reminded us that we should do whatever can be done today and not procrastinate until tomorrow, next week, or next year. This is very fitting with investing in property. To ensure that you reap the maximum profit from today, then you should not procrastinate anymore. Immediately invest in property, with the best, largest, and trusted property developer Agung Podomoro Land.