Wangsagriya Podomoro Park Bandung, a Reflection of the Excitement in the Property Sector

June 16, 2022

Wangsagriya Podomoro Park Bandung, a Reflection of the Excitement in the Property Sector 1

In June 2022, Agung Podomoro Land held a customer gathering event to introduce the newest deluxe cluster at Podomoro Park Bandung, the Wangsagriya Cluster. In the event titled "The Great Wangsa," the best property developer in Indonesia once again made a breakthrough in the property industry through extraordinary sales of the cluster, which reached up to tens of units. This proves that the presence of the Wangsagriya Cluster reflects the excitement of the property sector.

The property sector is very closely related to economic growth in general. The government predicts that the Indonesia's economic growth will reach 5.2-5.8 percent in 2022. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Investment / Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) recorded Rp 282.4 trillion in investment realization in the first quarter of 2022, or grew by 28, 5 percent year-on-year. From this growth, the property sector became the third highest contributor with an increase of Rp.17.5 trillion. The recovery and revival of the Indonesian economy has prompted property development company Agung Podomoro Land to respond to market demand by launching the Wangsagriya Cluster at Podomoro Park Bandung.

As the newest cluster in a home resort-style housing complex in the Buah Batu area, Bandung, Wangsagriya embraces a premium concept. The name "wangsagriya" is taken from Sanskrit, which means a "family house." With direct views of the Malabar and Patuha mountain ranges, the houses in the Wangsagriya Cluster are designed with a very strong natural concept to support families in starting a healthy lifestyle. With modern tropical facades, the houses in the Wangsagriya Cluster highlight the warmth of a family through tropical designs that feature solid wood and natural stones. This concept is aimed so that the houses at the Wangsagriya Cluster can be relaxing for the families , because the cluster is very integrated with the natural beauty and business location in Podomoro Park Bandung, with two direct accesses to the city center.

The Wangsagriya Cluster highlights several modern facilities that support a healthy life and are close to nature. This cluster has the longest collective garden and close access to a magnificent lake, has access to outdoor sports, and direct views of the beautiful mountain ranges. These various facilities can be enjoyed from the housing cluster that offers several types of units. There are Arana Eka units, with a Land Area/Building Area of 72 m2/82 m2 with 2 floors and 2 bedrooms; Arana Dwi with 82 m2/82 m2 and has 2 floors and 2 bedrooms; Vetra with96 m2/94 m2 and has 2 floors and 2 bedrooms; Calya with 112 m2/127 m2 and has 2 floors and 3 bedrooms; and Grand Calya with 126 m2/130 m2 and has 2 floors and 3 bedrooms. All of this will certainly improve the quality of family life.

In addition to the housing’s location and concept that emphasizes a unity with the nature, Podomoro Park Bandung also has various premium facilities to support the Living in Style life. There is a Commercial District, where residents of the area can enjoy various well-known brands to meet various needs of life and lifestyle in this 12-hectare thematic concept facility. In addition, there is a Premium Club House that supports a healthy lifestyle. If you have a house in the Wangsagriya Cluster, you can also access the Talaga Sampireun restaurant just by walking. In addition, there are also Primaya Hospital, McDonald's restaurant, Living Plaza, and Al Azhar Islamic Boarding School, where all these facilities create a one-stop living lifestyle that is in close harmony with nature. 

The Wangsagriya Cluster in Podomoro Park is not only one of the new clusters in this newest residence in Bandung. With the provided facilities available and the enthusiastic response for the units that are specially designed to blend with nature, the Wangsagriya Cluster is a reflection of the enthusiasm for Living in Style among the community.

For those of you who are interested in owning a residence at the Wangsagriya Cluster in Podomoro Park Bandung, now is the best time for you to purchase. Agung Podomoro Land will hold an Independence Day Investment Festival on 23-28 August 2022. Here you can get discounts of up to 17 percent, a chance to win 8 precious metals and a total of 45 direct prizes, as well as a chance to win a Hyundai Ionic 5 unit. Call 62 813 8888 2700 immediately for information on special offers, to be part of a healthy life for your families in the natural beauty of Bandung.