Podomoro Park Bandung, Feels like Vacation Every Day

July 15, 2022

Podomoro Park Bandung, Feels like Vacation Every Day 1 Podomoro Park Bandung, Feels like Vacation Every Day 2

For most people, taking a vacation is something that is done only at certain times. To take a vacation, people have to take time out of their daily activities, such as working or studying, then go somewhere they want. The vacation spot they go to is usually also a different place from where they live in every day.

Podomoro Park Bandung, presented by leading property developer Agung Podomoro Land, is a residence with a home resort style with the "harmony with nature" concept. Equipped with various premium-class facilities, the comfort offered by Podomoro Park will make its residents feel like they have a vacation every day in the residence. Located in the South Bandung area, this residential area that stands on an area of more than 100 hectares has a touch of five natural elements. The five elements are fresh and cool air that comes from the South Bandung mountain breeze, direct views of the Malabar and Patuha mountains, green open space covering nearly 50 percent of the total area, a 1 km long majestic lake in the middle of a residential area, and shady lines of trees and a collective garden. By living in Podomoro Park Bandung and co-existing together with these five elements of life, it will certainly create the beauty in life and ultimately improve life quality for the better.

The concept of "harmony with nature" embodied by Podomoro Park Bandung is presented in exclusive residences in various well-arranged clusters. Each cluster has a magnificent and elegant gate design and still maintains a beautiful atmosphere with the shade of the surrounding trees. One of the clusters in Podomoro Park Bandung is the Padmagriya Cluster. With modern minimalist style, this private cluster is suitable for young families because it offers a growing house concept that can be adapted to its residents’ growth. In addition, there is the Brahmapuri Cluster, a premium cluster that is suitable to be a symbol of the luxurious lifestyle of its residents. A number of favorite types are located in the Brahmapuri cluster, and they provide unbeatable facilities, such as lakeside houses with direct access from behind the house to the lake, a communal garden, and the clubhouse.

In addition to the atmosphere and the natural beauty that surrounds Podomoro Park Bandung, the premium facilities also support the Living in Style concept, in harmony with the nature. The concept of one stop living is present in this residential area through the Commercial District, where residents can enjoy various well-known brands to meet various needs of life and lifestyle in this 12-hectare thematic concept facility. In addition, there is a Premium Club House that supports a healthy lifestyle. The residents of Podomoro Park Bandung and their families can enjoy the infinity pool, a basketball court, a bowling alley, a children playground, and a fitness center exclusively, so there is no need to doubt the safety and comfort of these facilities. Podomoro Park Bandung also feels more special with a variety of public facilities in the area. There is a jogging track by the lake, shuttle buses, bike sharing facility by Gowes, and a bikelane, for much better comfort and convenience in this area. All the facilities offered certainly further support the resort luxury life at Podomoro Park Bandung.

The various premium facilities that support the home-resort life at Podomoro Park Bandung do not only attract potential residents of the area, but also invite appreciations from other parties. In February 2022, the Indonesia Property & Bank Award (IPBA) through the Housing and Township Project category bestowed The Best Housing Facilities Home Resort in Bandung award for Podomoro Park Bandung. This achievement is given for the performance and concept of the housing’s facilities that are deemed to exceed other home resorts’ facilities. Meanwhile, Lamudi, an online platform for real estate, also awarded Podomoro Park Bandung as The Best Residential Development 2021 in the Non-Jabodetabek area category. Once again, the performance and the concept of Podomoro Park Bandung was able to pass the measurable tests of the judges and became the main factors for this residential area in winning this award.

As a masterpiece from Indonesia's largest property developer, Podomoro Park Bandung presents various elements that blend with the beauty of the location to present a harmonious life with nature. Fresh air, beautiful views on sturdy mountains and a majestic lake, as well as the charming beauty of the trees, all of which can be enjoyed directly from the bedroom window or the balcony of the house. The harmony with nature that is combined with premium home resort facilities makes life at Podomoro Park Bandung feel like a year-round dream vacation.