Podomoro Golf View: Complete Area in Cimanggis Near LRT Station

April 2, 2024

Podomoro Golf View: Complete Area in Cimanggis Near LRT Station 1 Podomoro Golf View: Complete Area in Cimanggis Near LRT Station 2 Podomoro Golf View: Complete Area in Cimanggis Near LRT Station 3

Owning a comfortable, affordable home with high investment value like Podomoro Golf View near the LRT station is a dream for many people. This is especially true given the situation where land in Jakarta is becoming increasingly scarce, expensive, and traffic congestion makes travel challenging. Now, with Podomoro Golf View, people can find a solution to enjoy comfortable living outside Jakarta without being hindered by traffic and mobility issues. Located in South Jakarta, this new city area offers comprehensive urban facilities to meet the needs of its residents.

Podomoro Golf View's Strategic Location near the LRT Station

Location is a crucial factor when choosing a residence as it affects comfort and accessibility. It is essential to consider whether you can easily get to places like your workplace, shopping centers, schools, or other locations, and whether the journey can be made quickly without getting stuck in traffic. Furthermore, this strategic residence features the concept of 'easy to reach, easy to mobile.' Easy to reach because the residence is strategically located right at the exit of Cimanggis Toll Road, KM 19 Jagorawi Toll Road. This ensures residents are free from traffic obstacles and can reach destinations within just 30 minutes from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport.

Meanwhile, easy to mobile because the area is directly connected to mass transportation networks, including exclusive Light Rail Transit (LRT) operating within the area, TransJakarta, and other public transportation options. This makes Podomoro Golf View near the LRT station a place where residents can easily travel to various destinations affordably. For your information, Podomoro Golf View was inaugurated as a transfer point for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) on April 21, 2018, by Bambang Prihartono, the Head of the Greater Jakarta Transportation Agency.

Podomoro Golf View Residents Have Easy Access to Anywhere

Most urban residents may not realize that they allocate 25-43% of their monthly income for transportation costs. According to the World Bank, transportation costs ideally should not exceed 10% of monthly income. The comparison of transportation costs in the Greater Jakarta area differs significantly from countries like China, where transportation costs are only around 7%, and Singapore, where they are only 3% of monthly income. Recent data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) shows that this situation is one of the main factors contributing to poverty in Jakarta.

Therefore, to address this issue, Agung Podomoro presents Podomoro Golf View near the LRT station, which can reduce transportation costs and alleviate congestion. Additionally, choosing housing that offers easy mobility can reduce inefficient fuel consumption and environmental damage. Podomoro Golf View is a residential area offering one-stop living with unique features rarely found in other residences. Situated around three golf courses, Podomoro Golf View ensures much better air quality for its residents.

Besides its strategic location, the uniqueness of Podomoro Golf View apartments near the LRT station is the ease of access by walking or biking. This provides mobility convenience without getting stuck in traffic, making transportation more affordable for residents and the surrounding community.

Walking Distance to F&B Riverside, Schools, and Campus

Following the success of the previous three residential towers, Agung Podomoro Land is now opening sales for the fourth tower, Tower Ekki. This tower offers a unique feature with direct access to Food & Beverage Riverside, which offers stunning views of the natural river along the 2-kilometer-long Cikeas River.

F&B Riverside is designed with a concept similar to areas in San Antonio, USA, or Clarke Quay, Singapore, creating a riverside relaxation spot perfect for gathering with family and friends. This makes Podomoro Golf View an attractive culinary and recreational destination. Additionally, Podomoro Golf View also offers the concept of 'walk to school, walk to campus.' It is very close to Gunadarma University, Karakter School, and YPI Al-Azhar School (all located within Podomoro Golf View). It is also adjacent to Kanisius College School. Tower Ekki is an ideal choice for parents who want to walk their children to school.

Designed by International Consultants

Although offered at an affordable price, Agung Podomoro Land takes the preparation of this area seriously. This is evident from the involvement of various international consultants in the planning of the area, such as Bennitt Design Group from the US for the area landscape and Singapore's Benoy for F&B Riverside Area. Podomoro Golf View near the LRT station is also equipped with a variety of additional facilities that residents can enjoy, including commercial areas, shopping centers, modern markets, jogging tracks, and At-Thohir Grand Mosque for religious worship needs.

Thus, Podomoro Golf View offers affordable, luxurious, and comprehensive housing designed by international consultants, making it a dream residence with high investment value. It is indeed pleasant to live in a beautiful, natural residential area surrounded by green trees and a clean river, while avoiding air pollution and enjoying various luxurious facilities. Moreover, from the residence, you can easily reach a wide range of amenities very conveniently. For urban dwellers, living in a residence close to public facilities such as the LRT station, schools, shopping centers, and dining places is a significant advantage. If you are interested or want to know more about Tower Ekki Podomoro Golf View near the LRT station, please contact our marketing team now!