Largest Real Estate Developer in Jakarta, Indonesia

January 29, 2024

Largest Real Estate Developer in Jakarta, Indonesia 1

PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk. (APLN) is one of the largest real estate developer companies in Indonesia. Agung Podomoro emerged as a smart developer who carefully observed market dynamics and took an approach that focused on community needs. Agung Podomoro always presents property products that are beyond expectation and happiness.

The presence of Agung Podomoro ultimately provides the best solution in meeting people's needs for superior and high quality property, in line with a lifestyle that promotes the Living in Style concept. Agung Podomoro presents horizontal and vertical residences, as well as commercial properties such as malls, trade malls and hotels with modern, elegant, luxurious and unique designs.

Agung Podomoro's Latest Residential Project

As one of the largest real estate developer companies in Indonesia, Agung Podomoro provides solutions to the Indonesian people by presenting housing projects in strategic locations. The following are the latest residential projects from Agung Podomoro:

1. Podomoro Tenjo City

Podomoro Tenjo City has become a new independent and satellite city, successfully creating a property boom in the midst of the pandemic. Located in a strategic location supported by infrastructure developer in the West Java region, especially the Serpong-Balaraja toll project, Podomoro Tenjo City is the center of attention.

From an economic perspective, Podomoro Tenjo City is the confluence of three districts/cities with high and stable economic growth, namely Bogor Regency, Tangerang Regency and South Tangerang. This region is also known as a center of significant industrial growth.

Podomoro Tenjo City (KPT) has Transit Oriented Development (TOD) based facilities which are directly connected to the surrounding area. The existence of TOD not only helps people become more disciplined in using public transportation. But it also cuts time and costs, increasing the efficiency of mobility in society as a whole.

With a total land area of 650 hectares, KPT residents can take advantage of the infrastructure to support a healthy lifestyle, including sports activities such as jogging and cycling. There is a bike lane on Boulevard, the first green belt concept in Indonesia, and special bicycle parking in strategic locations. They are designed to increase bicycle user comfort and promote sustainable mobility.

2. Podomoro Golf View

A One-Stop Living in the south of Jakarta, Podomoro Golf View has been successfully built and offers comfortable living in a very strategic location. It is only 30 minutes from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, and is right in front of the toll exit, providing easy access and smooth mobility.

PGV, as a very prestigious integrated residential area, has an area of 60 hectares. This residential area is equipped with city-class facilities, including educational, transportation, religious, commercial, recreational and other facilities.

Podomoro Golf View has introduced healthy home products which have received a positive response from the public. Currently, Podomoro Golf View is launching the newest type of affordable, exclusive healthy house, namely "The Cottage". This product provides an exclusive residential alternative at an affordable price, making it an attractive choice for those who want a healthy and stylish lifestyle in this area.

3. Podomoro Park Bandung

This exclusive resort residence is strategically located, only 2 km from the Buah Batu toll gate, 8 km from Alun-alun Bandung, and 9 km from the center of Bandung City (Gedung Sate). During the pandemic, Podomoro Park sales continued to show a positive trend, with a spectacular achievement in November where Podomoro Park Bandung managed to record 1,000 buyers.

This achievement is a continuation of the success of early 2020, where Podomoro Park managed to sell out 700 units. Podomoro Park Bandung, which was built on 130 hectares of land, carries the concept of "Harmony with Nature" by offering healthy homes, a magnificent 1 km lake and views of the South Bandung mountains.

The comfort of living here is also supported by the presence of health, education, sports, shopping, recreation and entertainment facilities close by. Adequate transportation infrastructure, such as the Jakarta – Bandung fast train which is directly connected to the LRT station right in front of the Podomoro Park area, further adds to the value of this residence.

It is estimated that the travel time from Jakarta to Podomoro Park will be less than 1 hour, making this location very convenient and well connected.

4. Podomoro Hill, Jakarta

Located in East Jakarta, Podomoro Hill is designed as a sanctuary for urbanites who want calm amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Built on an area of 9.6 ha, Bukit Podomoro Jakarta has a unique design and distinctive characteristics, providing optimal quality of life.

With various premium facilities, luxurious and elegant interiors, and the latest smart home technology. Bukit Podomoro Jakarta provides an opportunity for you to enjoy a life that is worthy and worth celebrating.

First launched in 2021, houses on Bukit Podomoro Jakarta can be purchased at prices starting from IDR. 3.7 billion. Podomoro Hill embraces the dreams of the upper middle class who want luxury housing with premium facilities, integrated in an exclusive cluster that reflects a special lifestyle.

With a location only 20 minutes from MONAS, Podomoro Hill highlights its advantages with a strategic location, housing cluster equipped with premium clubhouse facilities, and modern infrastructure.

5. Podomoro City Deli Medan

Podomoro City Deli Medan (PCDM) stands out as the first luxury superblock project not only in Medan, but also in Sumatra. Strategically located on Jalan Putri Hijau, which is the main access to the Medan business center and close to the main Kualanamu International Airport train station.

The Podomoro City Deli Medan project covers an area of 5.2 hectares with a superblock concept, providing the convenience of one stop living, working, shopping and traveling. This place was designed by an international architectural firm that has successfully designed icons, such as Marina Bay Singapore, Dubai Mall, and Esplanade - Theaters on the Bay in Singapore.

In addition, this project will involve the construction of an office tower covering an area of NSA 46,314 m2 and NLA 78,287 m2 for mall retail space. Podomoro City Deli Medan will consist of 2,730 apartment units. With a target market of middle and upper middle class consumers, PCDM promises a luxurious residential experience and complete facilities.

6. Parkland Podomoro Karawang

Parkland Podomoro Karawang is the embodiment of an integrated residential area that combines luxury, elegance and sophistication in one unit. With a total land area of 130 hectares, this area provides an extraordinary living experience and unlimited happiness for you and your family.

As part of PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk, Parkland Podomoro combines a modern touch with stunning natural beauty. With almost half of its total area being used as a green open area and the presence of a Botanical Garden covering an area of 1 hectare, Parkland Podomoro Karawang creates a green atmosphere that is very suitable for family life.

FREE Lifetime Membership facilities are available at the Luxury Clubhouse, including function hall, bowling arena, Private Cinema, Rooftop Tennis Court, Fitness Center, and various other facilities. In addition, there are public and commercial areas that accommodate Living Plaza, Market Drive Thru, Heart and Blood Vessel Hospital, and other tenants that will soon join. Parkland Podomoro further strengthens its position as an upscale residential destination in Karawang.

As a real estate developer company, for more than 50 years, Agung Podomoro has demonstrated commitment and works that have become milestones in the national property industry. People can own housing easily and affordably with the presence of the Agung Podomoro housing projects.