In Harmony with Nature

August 23, 2019

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The effects of global warming are becoming more real and more worrisome. Global warming has melted glaciers, rising sea levels, shifting precipitation patterns, and setting animals on the move. Many people, including big companies, are competing to apply go green concept to reduce the effects of global warming. Starting from simple things such as reducing the use of plastic to greater things like reforestation.

Agung Podomoro Group presents Podomoro Park Bandung with the concept of residential that is in harmony with nature. Sheltered trees adorn every street in Podomoro Park and also function as the lungs of the area and to facilitate air circulation. Residents can also enjoy views of the mountains of South Bandung.

Podomoro Park occupies ±130 hectares of land, where ±50% of the land is utilized as an open space, as a tangible manifestation of Agung Podomoro Group’s dedication to creating a better environment. The area is also equipped with a majestic 1 km lake that adds beauty to the nature and makes residents feel like they are living in a resort.

Podomoro Park is very strategically located, in the hub of Bandung’s business center, across Telkom University and 2 km away from Buah Batu Toll Road. Agung Podomoro Group dedicates an area of ±12 hectares as a commercial area. The company and Kawan Lama Group have established a collaboration and signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop the Living Plaza Shopping Center, which will bring a
variety of shopping experiences in one location.

In addition to the collaboration with Kawan Lama Group, Agung Podomoro Group is also working together with PT Fortuna Makmur Sejahtera to provide health facilities to its residents by building Awal Bros Hospital. Agung Podomoro Group and Awal Bros Hospital has signed the MoU for Awal Bros Hospital Podomoro Park Bandung project, the hospital will be equipped with superior services such as a cardiovascular center, a mother and children unit, as well as an oncology department.