Borneo Bay City Balikpapan Comfortable and Beautiful Residence Facing the Sea

January 29, 2024

Borneo Bay City Balikpapan Comfortable and Beautiful Residence Facing the Sea 1

Borneo Bay City Balikpapan is a superblock that offers the best prospects, located in a very strategic location in SCBD Balikpapan. With its strategic location, this superblock allows easy access to various important places such as the new capital, international airport and port in a short time.

Living in this Balikpapan apartment will provide a comfortable and calm residential experience with the Seafront Living concept. So it allows you to enjoy stunning sea views. Apart from that, residents of Borneo Bay Residences will enjoy complete facilities, including the Private Sky Facility on the 11th floor

Borneo Bay City Balikpapan Offers Comfortable Residences Facing the Sea

Borneo Bay City (BBC) is a superblock type residential complex located in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, and built on 4.9 hectares of reclaimed land. Located on the shores of Balikpapan Bay, BBC offers easy access to various public facilities, including schools, universities, hospitals and public transportation. The location is also strategic, only a few minutes from Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman International Airport, Sepinggan.

Borneo Bay City (BBC), once construction is complete, will consist of two towers featuring 1,220 apartment units. Apart from that, this complex also offers an integrated shopping center with an area of 46,998 m2 as a retail area and trade center. The development of Borneo Bay City Balikpapan also includes recreation areas, such as natural parks and beach clubs, to add recreational value for its residents.

Designed to meet the needs of middle and upper middle class consumers, BBC also targets tourists who are looking for a comfortable and classy living experience. With various facilities and location advantages. Borneo Bay City Balikpapan is an attractive choice for those of you who want a modern and integrated urban lifestyle.

Borneo Bay City Balikpapan Products

Borneo Bay City Balikpapan is designed to be an integrated one-stop living complex that perfectly combines residential, commercial, SOHO, hotel areas and other premium facilities. Here, residents can enjoy life and fulfill all their needs without having to go anywhere else.

With the various advantages offered, it is not surprising that Borneo Bay Balikpapan has won various prestigious awards. Including the award as the Most Prospective Property Investment in Indonesia's New Capital from the Real Estate Creative Award.

Borneo Bay Residences comes with two types of units, namely Premiere Type 2 Bedroom and Signature Type 3 Bedroom. Providing a variety of choices to suit the needs and preferences of each resident.

Apart from that, there is Ruko Modern SOHO, a property unit consisting of three multifunctional floors, designed to meet the various needs of the owner. Located on the beach in the Borneo Bay City area, this residence offers fresh air and stunning sea views. This three-story building can be customized according to the owner's wishes.

The first floor can be converted into a cafe, office or other business, with a flexible design. The second floor can be used as an office with a luxurious design style, while the top floor can be used as a residence complete with a private indoor garden and rooftop overlooking the Makassar Strait.

In front of the SOHO area, there is a beautiful pedestrian walkway with trees, as well as a large parking yard for the convenience of residents. This SOHO Modern Shophouse is available in 3 types, namely Type Maratua, Type Kakaban, and Type Derawan, providing a variety of choices to meet the needs and tastes of various prospective owners.

Borneo Bay City Facilities

Agung Podomoro is a progressive developer who continuously monitors market dynamics and takes a smart approach to meeting community needs. With a commitment to being a trusted solution for the community, Agung Podomoro presents superior properties that carry the Living in Style concept.

And one of the property products that offers luxury and a modern lifestyle is Borneo Bay City Balikpapan. BBC offers a variety of complete facilities, such as residents of Borneo Bay Residences can enjoy a variety of complete, exclusive facilities. Including the Private Sky Facility located on the 11th floor.

These facilities include an Infinity Pool with stunning Sea Views, Cafe, Jacuzzi, Gym Center, Beach Club, Jogging Track, Resto. And also the enchanting views of the city of Balikpapan, all facing directly to the open sea.

Another amenity is state-of-the-art landscaping. The uniqueness of Borneo Bay Residences, which is located on the beach, creates its own experience, where the cool beach breeze and views of the open sea of the Makassar Strait are the main attractions. This not only provides comfort to residents, but also inspires them to carry out activities with higher enthusiasm.

There is also Greenland in Borneo Bay City which was designed with uniqueness and splendor by Palmscape, an internationally renowned consultant from Singapore. This design provides residents with a comfortable and peaceful living experience amidst a green and natural residential environment.

The presence of Borneo Bay City not only provides answers, but also comprehensive solutions for the broad needs of the Balikpapan community. With a focus on quality and leading-edge properties, Borneo Bay City presents a modern, elegant, luxurious and sophisticated living experience.

As a progressive property developer, Agung Podomoro is not only engaged in developing residential property, but also commercial property horizontally and vertically, including malls, trade malls and hotels. With this approach, Agung Podomoro continues to set new standards in the property industry, providing the latest lifestyle and meeting the evolving needs of society.