Agung Podomoro Tenjo is building a new residential area with a modern minimalist concept

October 10, 2023

Agung Podomoro Tenjo is building a new residential area with a modern minimalist concept 1 Agung Podomoro Tenjo is building a new residential area with a modern minimalist concept 2

Kota Podomoro Tenjo is a housing project that introduces environmentally friendly residences with spacious land in the west corridor of Jakarta. Grounded houses in Podomoro Tenjo have extensive land with a growing house concept that has the potential to be both luxurious and comfortable for families, with prices starting from IDR 220 million.

Agung Podomoro, a property developer with over 54 years of experience, is constructing the Podomoro Tenjo area as an integrated zone comprising residences, commercial areas, and green spaces. Built on a 650-hectare land, Podomoro Tenjo is rapidly developing to meet consumer needs for housing and modern lifestyle in the west corridor of Jakarta.

Podomoro Tenjo is expected to become 'The Next Serpong' with excellent accessibility, including access through the Serpong-Balaraja Toll Road and the Grand TOD on the Serpong-Jakarta KRL line. The 40-minute travel time from Jakarta using KRL Commuterline makes Podomoro Tenjo a suitable choice for urban dwellers.

Zaldy Wihardja, Chief Marketing Officer of Podomoro Tenjo, stated that they have recorded the sale of 5,400 housing units until the end of September 2023. Approximately 1,100 units have been handed over to consumers, demonstrating Agung Podomoro Land's commitment to Podomoro Tenjo's development. The handed-over ground houses have been ready for occupancy since the end of 2022.

Zaldy ensures that Kota Podomoro Tenjo's development land has been cleared and legalized, eliminating future legality issues for consumers. As a trusted and committed property developer, Agung Podomoro also emphasizes consumer rights by signing and delivering the Deed of Sale and Purchase (AJB) according to the predetermined schedule.

"After the house handover, we will expedite the legalization process so that buyers can immediately enjoy their dream homes in Podomoro Tenjo. Homes in Podomoro Tenjo will enhance their quality of life as they come equipped with various top-notch supporting facilities," said Zaldy.

Zaldy explained that Podomoro Tenjo is the best investment choice for consumers as it is an integrated area offering luxurious residences with spacious land. The annual increase in investment value in Kota Podomoro Tenjo is significant, attributed to the track record of Agung Podomoro Group as a trusted developer with successful projects such as Kuningan City, Podomoro City Jakarta, Central Park, Neo Soho, Senayan City, Emporium Pluit Mall, and Podomoro Golf View.

"Kota Podomoro Tenjo has proven to be the best investment, as evidenced by the significant increase in property prices. Currently, the increase in housing prices reaches 10% - 12% per year," stated Zaldy.

Understanding the Types of Houses in Kota Podomoro Tenjo

Residences in Podomoro Tenjo are divided into two main areas, namely the Premium Cluster and Deluxe Cluster. All ground houses in Podomoro Tenjo are built with a green and healthy house concept, featuring extensive land.

Premium Cluster

The Premium Cluster in Podomoro Tenjo includes 4 clusters: Damar, Burgundy, Angsana, and Citrus, all of which have been 100% sold out since their launch. Cluster Damar, in particular, has sold over 75% by the end of September 2023.

Cluster Damar covers an area of 119 square meters with an affordable price starting from IDR 500 million. Located along Main Boulevard ROW 30, Cluster Damar is only 2 minutes away from the Grand TOD of Podomoro City and 3 minutes from the Cileles Toll Gate (Serpong-Balaraja Toll). Its strategic location in front of the Premium Club House and near Edelweiss Lake Park provides a beautiful lake view with a playground and jogging track. Additionally, this cluster is situated in the CBD area of Podomoro Tenjo.

Cluster Damar in Podomoro Tenjo offers a unique concept of growing houses, where each house has a spacious front, side, and rear yard that can be expanded according to the family's future needs. The house prices in Podomoro Tenjo are also much more affordable, about 6-7 times lower than house prices in the Serpong or Tangerang area, making investments in Podomoro Tenjo highly promising.

"Cluster Damar is a premium housing type in Podomoro Tenjo. In this cluster, the Right of Way (ROW) road width is larger, and all electrical infrastructure is placed underground. Therefore, there are no poles or cables that disturb the view of the houses," explained Zaldy.

"The house prices in this cluster are also more affordable compared to house prices in surrounding developments, while the facilities and the area remain of high quality. This allows consumers to enjoy a profitable investment and a sophisticated lifestyle with their families (Living in Style)," he added.

Deluxe Cluster

The Deluxe Cluster is located very close to Tenjo Station. This cluster consists of the Kaliandra, Kalamenta, Kana, and Kenanga clusters, all of which have been completely sold out to 100%. Currently, the newest cluster being marketed is the Magnolia Cluster.

The Magnolia Cluster has a modern tropical design and is located on Main Boulevard ROW 28, at the east gate of Podomoro City, just steps away from Tenjo Station. As the name suggests, the Magnolia Cluster offers a green and natural environment. Every aspect of its plants and layout has been designed by the renowned landscape architect, "Palmscape Singapore."

"The Magnolia Cluster offers outstanding facilities at a very affordable price, similar to those found in five-star hotels," said Zaldy Wihardja, Chief Marketing Officer of Podomoro Tenjo, in a written statement on Tuesday (July 25, 2023).

"This cluster has a complete Inner Green Belt with various facilities, such as bike lanes, outdoor fitness, jogging tracks, and much more. The area is also surrounded by lush trees that create a cool and comfortable atmosphere," Zaldy added.

The Magnolia Cluster also offers a luxurious Club House that is the best in Podomoro Tenjo, complete with various outstanding facilities. These facilities include a 25-meter swimming pool, lounge, large hall, badminton court, billiards table, mini bowling, private cinema, fitness center, roof area with a relaxation space, and a basketball court.

Commercial Area of Podomoro Tenjo

To support the lifestyle of its residents, Podomoro Tenjo also provides a commercial area offering various facilities, including a modern market, healthcare facilities, schools, and places of worship. Especially to meet the worship needs, particularly for Muslims, Podomoro Tenjo presents the Grand Mosque of Tenjo. This mosque can accommodate up to 3,000 worshipers, and its construction has begun and will soon be completed.

Up to now, several businesses have joined Podomoro Tenjo, including Global School, Indomaret Fresh, Kumon, Wonmin Health Clinic, Alfamidi Super, Stephanie Beauty Clinic, Soluix IT office, Sapporo furniture store, and Will's Bakery. Several other major brands are also set to contribute to enlivening Podomoro Tenjo.

"Unlike other housing projects, having a house in Podomoro Tenjo means gaining access to very comprehensive facilities, as commonly found in self-contained cities. With affordable prices and an extraordinary environment