Agung Podomoro Property Investment Festival event in Senayan City Jakarta

September 21, 2023

Agung Podomoro Property Investment Festival event in Senayan City Jakarta 1

The Agung Podomoro Senayan City Property Festival is an event held by the Agung Podomoro Group. This festival will be held on 15 – 27 August 2023 at Senayan City Mall. During the festival, visitors can learn more about the latest property projects in Agung Podomoro and find special offers for property purchases.

The Grand Podomoro Senayan City Property Festival is one of the most anticipated events in Indonesia. Especially for people who are interested in property investment or want to find a new property unit to live in or use as a business. This event provides a lot of information regarding property projects that have been or are being developed by Agung Podomoro.

Theme for the Grand Podomoro Senayan City Property Festival

Agung Podomoro Land, as a catalyst for the property industry in Indonesia, has a strong commitment to continuing to drive the industry and provide a strong view to the public about profitable property investment. The company is also ready to assist people in choosing housing that suits their needs and desires. Said Agung Wirajaya Corporate Marketing Director PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk.

Agung Podomoro realizes that the property sector has always been the main one in the Indonesian economy. Therefore, the company continues to work aggressively and responsively to market situations. Moreover, considering that Indonesia's economic conditions in the second quarter of 2023 will continue to grow. This has the potential to create huge demand in the property industry. "In this context, we play an active role in supporting economic recovery through the Property Investment Festival," said Agung in his official statement in Jakarta on August 9.

Based on data from BPS (Central Statistics Agency), the Indonesian economy experienced accelerated growth in Quarter II-2023, reaching 5.17% on an annual basis (year on year). This figure is higher compared to the first quarter of 2023 which was 5.04%.

In Agung Podomoro's view, maintaining stable economic growth and low benchmark interest rates will have a positive impact on the national property sector. This will attract public interest, both from investors and end users, to own property. Agung said, "We are optimistic that this Property Investment Festival will provide a useful experience, especially in understanding people's preferences in investing in property, and make it easier for people to access Agung Podomoro property products, both those available on the island of Java and outside Java."

The Agung Podomoro Property Investment Festival, held from 15 to 27 August 2023 at Senayan City Mall, will showcase a variety of the best and newest property products that continue to be developed in various regions in Indonesia.

"In commemoration of the 78th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia this year, we invite all Indonesian people to attend the exhibition with the theme "Great Podomoro Melaju, Make Indonesia Advanced". "This theme reflects the commitment of the company which has more than 53 years of experience in building superior quality property products and becoming a benchmark in the market, creating innovations and new breakthroughs that have a positive impact on the surrounding environment and even nationally," said Agung.

Destination of the Grand Podomoro Senayan City Property Festival

The Agung Podomoro Property Investment Festival provides many choices, making it easier for consumers to access prestigious company projects. Such as Podomoro Tenjo City, Podomoro Golf View Cimanggis, Podomoro Hill Jakarta, Podomoro Park Bandung, and Podomoro City Deli Medan. In addition, Agung Podomoro recently launched its newest project, namely Parkland Podomoro Karawang, which is located in the East Jakarta corridor.

Apart from making it easier for the public to find quality housing, the Agung Podomoro Property Investment Festival is also expected to play a role in supporting the government in overcoming the housing backlog of 12.75 million units. At the same time encouraging the growth of the property sector as a driver of the national economy. As is known, this sector has the ability to support 176 other related sectors, so it is able to contribute around 14-16% to Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

At this event, Agung Podomoro will provide online booking services and live broadcasts to make it easier for consumers who are interested in owning prestigious properties from the company. Apart from that, Agung Podomoro will also introduce the latest products from the Parkland Podomoro Karawang project.

Through this Property Investment Festival, Agung Podomoro provides the public with the opportunity to find out more about the projects being developed and get easy and fast access to owning quality property with special offers and attractive promos. This will certainly make it easier for people to find property that suits their needs and desires.

Agung Podomoro's Commitment as a Property Developer

As the best property developer in Indonesia, Agung Podomoro shows that despite the difficult situation, the company remains committed to developing the national property industry and providing benefits to the Indonesian people.

By producing quality and attractive projects, the company hopes to strengthen the national property sector and develop the Indonesian economy at large. Agung Podomoro is optimistic that the Agung Podomoro Property Investment Festival which is being held this year will provide the best experience for people in investing in property.

Through this festival, the company hopes to introduce the latest property products to the public and make it easy for people to access our property products throughout Indonesia.

Apart from that, Agung Podomoro also tries to understand people's preferences in property investment. So far, the company has succeeded in designing property products that suit market demand and is always developing them. So it succeeded in winning the trust of the public.

Therefore, with a festival like this, Agung Podomoro hopes to further strengthen its position in the Indonesian property market and provide greater benefits for the community in looking for quality housing.

Agung Podomoro's Active Role in Providing Quality Property Products

For decades, Agung Podomoro Group has built collaborations with various business actors in the property sector and other supporting industries. This is one of the factors that allows the company to continue to play an active role in presenting innovative and high quality property products.

One example of this collaboration is collaborating with several large banks in Indonesia, which allows consumers to access Agung Podomoro property products through an easier and more flexible credit scheme.

Apart from that, Agung Podomoro also collaborates with building contractors, professional architects and financial consultants, to ensure that every project carried out meets high quality and safety standards.

Through strong partnerships with these companies, Agung Podomoro continues to encourage the progress of the national property industry and strives to always be part of Indonesia's progress as a whole.

With this strategy, it is hoped that the company can continue to produce property products that can meet consumer needs and provide broad benefits to society.

So, for those of you who want to have a comfortable residence, with a modern design and in a residential area equipped with modern facilities. You can buy property or residence from projects developed by Agung Podomoro.

To get complete information regarding housing from Agung Podomoro projects, don't hesitate to contact us. Our marketing team will be happy to serve your property needs!