Agung Podomoro Offers Property with Tax Subsidy and 0% DP for Eleven Best Property Project

March 10, 2021

Agung Podomoro Offers Property with Tax Subsidy and 0% DP for Eleven Best Property Project 1

Jakarta, March 10th, 2021 - Agung Podomoro is making it easy to buy property in eleven of their best project through the program Spektakuler 3 Bonus which is a subsidized VAT (PPN), 0% down payment, and discount up to 30%.

Marketing Director Agung Podomoro Group Agung Wirajaya expressed that the ease in making down payment, Agung Podomoro will be following the government's suggestion that gives subsidized VAT for property. This step is an additional tax incentive from the government to erase the VAT for 6 months especially for housings worth up to 2 billion IDR. Meanwhile, for houses between 2-5 billion IDR, 50% of the tax will be covered by the government. With this, future consumers don't need to worry with tax cost when buying properties.

"0% down payment relaxation given by developers and government's incentive will bring up the demand for property sales this year. This property sales trend that was still positive in 2020 leads us to believe and stay optimistic that Agung Podomoro can further optimized property sales across all projects that are at the same time are in rapid construction phase", said Agung in Jakarta (3/10).

The rise in property sector is expected to be able to push forward other economic sectors to full recovery from pandemics so that the national economic growth target can be achieved.

"To support it all, we are offering the best products with Living in Style concept that acts as an option for consumers with special discounted price," he said. Agung Podomoro's projects are spread across strategic location throughout Indonesia such as Kota Podomoro Tenjo, Podomoro Park Bandung, Podomoro Golf View, Vimala Hills, Podomoro City Deli Medan, Soho Pancoran, Borneo Bay City, Grand Madison, Bukit Mediterania Samarinda, Orchard Park Batam, and Harco Sky Residence.

"With various relaxations from the government and industries, we are hoping that together, property industry and Indonesia's economy can recover." He said.

All of Agung Podomoro's best properties have the Living in Style concept with hope that this will be the solution for comfortable living expected by Indonesian citizen. "Living in Style is a concept that brings people to move into the thinking and living that is more modern and elegant that are supported by the comprehensive facilities." He said.

In the midst of the health crisis caused by the pandemics, the residentials and housings that support healthier and safer lifestyle are becoming the main priority of the people. Agung said that with experiences for more than half a decade, Agung Podomoro always offers healthy living concept and rising value.

"We are consistently giving green, close to nature, and strategically located residential areas that are supported by mature infrastructures. That is the value that drives the interest towards Agung Podomoro's property project even during the pandemics." Explains Agung.

Agung Podomoro's most prestigious projects have many modern facilities that supports the residents to experience different, added value lifestyle that benefits more to the society nowadays. Agung Podomoro's property is complete with premium facilities that are both modern and elegant like fitness centre, lounge, theater, and indoor/outdoor facilities.