Agung Podomoro Land Focuses on Opportunities and Contributions to the National Economic Recovery

October 28, 2022

Agung Podomoro Land Focuses on Opportunities and Contributions to the National Economic Recovery 1

According to the dictionary, 'opportunity' has the meaning of circumstances, or space for movement, both concrete and abstract, which provides the possibility for an activity to use it in an effort to achieve goals. Opportunity is not only a fleeting moment that can be used, but also depends on the point of view. For companies and individuals who are business-savvy, a situation that is considered less favorable can be an opportunity to move forward to provide the best for many sides.

Agung Podomoro Land (APL), as the best and largest property developer in Indonesia, always focuses on opportunities that present themselves. With 53 years of experience in developing for the country, developer Agung Podomoro Land has the foresight and the maturity needed to turn challenges into opportunities with the right decisions. As we all experience together, we have faced a pandemic that has impacted almost all segments of life, including the property sector. However, as an experienced developer, Agung Podomoro Land is able to take the right initiatives while at the same time contributing to the recovery of the national economy.

The focus on maximizing the situation to continue to grow with Indonesia is realized by Agung Podomoro Land by continuing to build its projects even during a pandemic that has hit the world, including this country. One of them is Kota Podomoro Tenjo, which was introduced in mid-2020, when the pandemic in Indonesia peaked. Kota Podomoro Tenjo is an integrated independent city built on an area of 650 hectares. The vision of providing housing is well-received by the public, and the market is showing its enthusiasm by absorbing more than 4 thousand units. Referred to as "The Next Serpong," Kota Podomoro Tenjo is increasingly showing its role as a Grand Transit Oriented Development (TOD) area by adding connectivity services, namely the Tigaraksa-Tenjo Extension Station and the Tenjo Flyover. Later, from this extension station at Grand TOD Kota Podomoro Tenjo, residents can reach Jakarta in just 40 minutes.

Maximizing the enthusiasm of potential home buyers and investors, Agung Podomoro Land is also building in the center of the capital, specifically in Bukit Podomoro Jakarta. A premium residence in the East Jakarta area, Bukit Podomoro Jakarta is a reflection of the developer's commitment to continuously innovate by providing housing that is needed by the Indonesian people. Introduced in 2021, when Indonesia enters a period of economic recovery due to the pandemic, Bukit Podomoro Jakarta received a warm welcome from the public who wanted a premium and exclusive sanctuary in the capital. Now, Agung Podomoro's masterpiece is developing a commercial area in the form of a shophouse, namely the Bukit Podomoro Business Park, which is expected to become an icon of a new business destination that is expected to encourage the growth of the East Jakarta area.

These initiatives and focus of the best and most trusted property developer is also shown in other projects such as Podomoro Golf View, Podomoro Park Bandung, and Kota Kertabumi Karawang. From Bogor to Bandung to Karawang, this sustainable development further underscores Agung Podomoro's commitment to seizing opportunities and supporting growth in the most developing areas of the country.

The breakthroughs that have been carried out by Agung Podomoro land are expected to contribute to the recovery of the national economy. The property sector has relatively high resilience in the face of economic shocks. This is evident, for example, since the second quarter of 2020 until now, the average growth in home sales has always been in a positive trend. Agung Podomoro Land supports the revival and growth of the property industry so that it successfully absorbs up to 19 million workers. With hours of experience and hard work, Agung Podomoro Land believes that the presence of superior properties has a major contribution to not only help restore, but also maintain Indonesia's economic growth.

Agung Podmoro Land's focus on tirelessly pushing the property sector shows that this sector will continue to be passionate in the future. This is also supported by property as the safest instrument because of its inflation-resistant nature. The upward trend in inflation will be profitable because property prices also increase and provide benefits for property owners. Now is the time for you to also seize opportunities in the property world by owning a residence with Agung Podomoro Land. Choose the one that best suits your needs at