Orchard Park Batam

In the fast growing city of Batam, APL proudly presents Orchard Park, a cozy residential complex which embodies a modern living concept in a green environment replenish with exceptional facilities to help people live an inspired life. A modern home is a must, especially when you're living next door to the exhilarating Singapore

Orchard Park is a newly-built residence with a One Stop Living Concept in Batam Center, the island's administrative and commercial hub. The development comprises of dining and commercial area, club house, shop house, and housing clusters with modern tropical nuance featuring vast open spaces and lush green garden. Other major selling points include underground electrical system, solar lighting system, security gate, exceptional facilities, and affordable price. But the most attractive of all, especially to customers from other big cities in Indonesia, is Batam's proximity to Singapore a second home just 30 minutes away from the global city.

Fact Sheet :

Developer : Jl. EngkuPutri, Batam Centre
Batam, Kepulauan Riau
Telp / Fax : 0778 7430 888
Website : www.orchardparkbatam.com